Trip to D.C.

For a wonderful gift, I was able to get a mommy break and enjoy being an aunt to two sweet nephews. I was able to go see Michelle, Tommy, Will, and meet baby Kyle.


Will playing with his new castle.

Will and Cousin Grace, being baby birds.

Smiling Kyle!

Will opening a Christmas present.

Sweet sleeping baby.

Will watching a video on the computer.

Helping in the kitchen.

Aunt Caren and Will

Cousins Maxwell and Caiden

Maxwell, Caiden, and Kyle

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We were lucky to have Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve come visit us in Florida.

Isaac and Ethan

Ethan at his school Christmas party. The kids are waiting patiently for their yummy treats.

Having a Christmas pary at Ms. Courtney's house. Making reindeers.

Isaac and Ethan before church on Christmas Eve.

Celebrating with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Steve, and Grandma

Grandma and Ethan

Isaac excited about Spy Gear!

Yeah, new pajamas!

Christmas Morning, Wow, can you believe it!

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve and Ethan



Happy Halloween

Practicing for Halloween

Ethan is Bumblebee the Transformer.
He is an Autobot.

Carving pumpkins


Ethan's spooky jack o latern

Isaac's light bright peg jack o latern
A friendly ghost

the Alien and Bumblebee
What a team!

More summer activities

More summer fun. We went to the Kids Fishing Derby.

Ethan's first time.

Isaac caught a fishing net. He won a tackle box for
the most unusual catch.

Papa and Ethan fishing.

Happy 4th of July!

Doing some sparklers, before going to the fireworks.

Ethan took a picture of Grandma waiting for the fireworks.

He also took a picture of Papa.

Isaac and Papa waiting for the fireworks. You guessed it,
Ethan also took this picture.

Doing some more sparklers while waiting for fireworks.

Having fun in the pool.

We went to Treasure Island on the Gulf, for a few days.
We went to St. Johns Pass.

We went to Smuggler's Cove to play mini-golf.

We went to Exploration Station, a childrens museum.

Dr. Ethan ready for patients.

Isaac battling sharks.

Ethan and Daddy trying to row away.

Isaac working at Publix, with a real scanner.

Isaac and Ethan thinking in the tree house.